Get 1k Free Instagram Likes ♥️ From Nigerians

Receive free Instagram likes from real Nigerians to boost your Instagram page engagements. Whether you need free likes for reels, stories or feed posts and videos, now you can get real people to take action by leaving likes on your Instagram content.

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Free Instagram likes

People who search for free likes on Instagram usually do so because they either don’t have the funds to buy likes yet or they simply wish to test a product to see if it works as advertised. Whichever bucket you fall under, Folofologram got you!

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Buy Nigerian Instagram likes

Why do we offer Instagram likes for free?

We offer this free service because we understand that Nigerians buy when they trust a brand. We know we can build this trust by offering a free social media service that will enable prospective buyers test out or trial our products before purchasing.

We don’t mind this because we understand that there are a lot of dubious services selling fake social media growth services out there and buyers must protect themselves.


  • 100% real Nigerians – No bots EVER!
  • No password needed – Your security & privacy is rest assured.
  • Note: Provide the link for the post you want likes on instead of your profile link. If you do not indicate a specific post link, Folofologram will automatically pick the most recent post.
  • Instagram safe: Our likes services are done in such a way that won’t trigger a red flag from Instagram

Benefits of getting free Instagram likes

What are the benefits of having Instagram likes and other endorsements such as shares and comments on your posts? It goes beyond just making you feel good about yourself:

More likes can boost your post’s reach and exposure. The instagram algorithm rewards posts that have maximum engagements more than those who don’t.

Having a higher like count makes your profile look more trustworthy. It also leads to more comments, shares, likes and overall interaction on your page because people are spurred to like a post especially when they see that others have liked it.

Frequent asked questions

Free Instagram likes

Here are answers to the most common questions asked by Nigerians about free social media likes:

How can I get free Instagram likes?

Are you looking to enhance your Instagram presence and engagement without spending a dime?

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, a small business owner, or just someone who loves sharing captivating content, to go about getting free likes to amplify your reach and impact on Instagram, simply scroll down and enter key details like your handle link and receive your engagements within the next few minutes.

How long will it take to get my free social media likes?

Once you input your social media details and press send, you should begin to receive notifications of new likes in your social media account within that same hour.

Does Instagram delete fake likes?

No they don’t. However, IG gives users the option to hide the like count of any post. So to the eyes of anybody else viewing an Instagram post with the likes hidden, it would seem like the post has had its likes deleted by IG, which isn’t so.

Are your free Instagram likes fake?

No. On this platform, we don’t give social media engagements for free that are bots or fake. Whether you’re buying or your getting it free of charge, we prefer to keep to the highest level of service possible (so we can have you come back again and again).

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